IH Residence

2006 - 2015

This project came from a family with a large size of land in Bandung, (about 5600 sqm) that was turned into a family residence. The design follows the nature of the elongated site, by building a massive form in the center to fit, detaching it from any site walls. The large mass is balanced with an optimal size of terraces, balconies, and wide pools that was built all across the perimeter. To make the mass lighter, the facade is dominated by clear glass and small columns. It has a wide set of eaves that goes as far as 6 m, as the site has a high rain precipitation. Due to the site the circulation was designed progressively by using long ramps, while long corridors are aided with reflecting pools and direct view of the landscape. The house has an abundant amount of functions, but still retains the vastness of the landscape.