Dia.Lo.Gue & LeBoYe

1997 - 2000

The Dia.Lo.Gue building is owned by LeBoYe – a graphic design consultant that was renovating their old office building in Kemang. The users were still operating their office in the building during the low -budget renovation, moving from room to room during different parts of the construction. The ground floor is rented out as a gallery in the front, then a cafe that continues down the lobby hall, while the first floor is used for office space. The lobby hall is the heart of the space that’s communal in its spirit. It welcomes natural light and airflow, letting it seeps through the lattices that covered two-third of its facade. The staircase that connects the ground and first floor was simply made out of metal with no decorative elements. By reducing elemental detail back to the basic, it also creates a graphic statement, making an unforgettable remark in its place.