Sessat Agung


Sessat Agung is a cultural community center in Tulang Bawang Barat’s Islamic Center, in Lampung. Architecturally it’s a simple stage-house that’s made out of wood, with a contemporary twist. It has a box massing treatment below, and nine gable roofs. In its ceiling, there are the names of the eleven ancient villages in Tulang Bawang Barat, written in Kaganga script.┬áBefore anything was built, the site was a swamp, surrounded by rubber plantations. The swamp has now been replaced with a large pool surrounding the two buildings, mosque and Sessat Agung. Water has become an important factor to both of the buildings. Aside from adding aesthetic value, the water keeps a cool air flow, and reflects the beautiful view across the pond. As the As-Sobur Mosque’s counterpart, the Sessat Agung is spread out horizontally to express human being’s relationship with one another, or in Islam known as habluminannas.